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and now, i would like to dispel any rumors that may be circulating.

myth: maganda.org is on hiatus. i am disappearing from the face of the earth. i hate the internet.
truth: things around here are most likely going to change. soon, but not soon enough. also, the internet and i are madly in love, and you will be invited to our wedding.

myth: i am moving to new york.
truth: someday, i would like to move to new york.

myth: i am dating a frenchman. (my parents' idea.)
truth: i like a boy. he's not french.

myth: i am a nice girl.
truth: i am a lazy girl.

myth: i have it all together.
truth: i am pretending, just like you.

(well, there really are no rumors, but sometimes i pretend there are.)

(and actually, this is just my clever way of updating.)

(okay, fine. it's not so clever.)


self portrait in hallway, but i forgot to to turn off the flash.

there are many wonderful things about halloween, including but not limited to: smarties, jack-o-lanterns, babies in costume and the sound of knocking at the front door.

i can't keep up anymore.

letter-writing is an art. i've recently stumbled upon three sites that appreciate it: rivertrout, cc: and the letters of one still living.

"there'll always be a part of me wandering." -- andy, the best parts of lonely.

also, if i hear "let's do the time warp again" one more time, i will kick somebody. hard.

i am one moody girl.