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i ran into two people i knew on the new york subways. not once, but twice, within the span of five days. the first time was the morning i arrived. michelle and i were standing on the 1/9 on our way to the village. we'd called dawnie earlier because we wanted to meet her for lunch, but couldn't get a hold of her. we knew she worked in the neighborhood, so we figured we'd wander around and try calling again. i was standing silently, gripping the pole and looking off into space when i heard my name. i figured it was just post-redeye flight jetlag fatigue. but i heard my voice again. "christine, turn around."

so i turned around and saw dawnie sitting 1 1/2 yards behind us. she was on her way to work.

the second person i saw wasn't someone i know personally but met in michigan a month earlier. i was sitting on the subway when i saw him standing on the other side of the car. he looks so familiar, i thought. where do i know him from? i sat there, racking my brain until i figured it out. it was aaron, the boy who made us all teary-eyed by proposing to his girlfriend in our midst. but it couldn't be him, could it? i thought. no, of course not. it's just someone who looks like him. i was in new york city. he lives in grand rapids, michigan.

a week after i returned to new york, i was talking to shmuel and discovered that aaron was in new york for the weekend.

my world is shrinking, and it is beautiful.


for a moment, i thought i was in vegas, but it was just the valley.

there are so many good things on the way, just you wait.

i keep changing my mind.

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"i can't imagine what it must be like for mr. bore, uh, mr. gore." -- political anaylist on TV caught in a slip of the tongue.

traffic, as i know it, is evil. and i'm not talking about the web.

i am one moody girl.