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i'm trying to add more color to my wardrobe. i'd been noticing that there was a lot of black in my closet. which is perfect for traveling -- black t-shirts match black skirts match black sweaters -- but lately it's getting just ridiculous. so in the past few weeks i've bought skirts of red techno-chino and blue corduroy, a pink t-shirt with a happy monkey up front and a dickies messenger bag in silver. i am even thinking of buying this pair of glasses that's burgundy, and i haven't had colored frames since i was 10, a pair of pink glasses that turned upward and covered half my face.

black is becoming so cliché, along with being self-deprecating, bitter and depressed all the time.

and besides, there will be so much time to wear black, along with the gold and diamonds waiting for me in my mother's dresser drawers. i'm settling for silver and glass beads: a handful of shiny promise.

i love opening my fully stocked refrigerator and looking at all the food lined up nicely, ready for me to eat.


girlboy.diaryland.com. it's like personal ads, but better. i am working on my "i would like a boy" entry. i'll link it when it goes up, and you can see if you meet my criteria. ha!

"does your horoscope not count if a word is misspelled?"

rice krispy treats are easy to make, but i always seem to forget.

i am one moody girl.