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i fell asleep to the squawking of girls pretending to be teenage girls pretending to be teenage girls on the WB sometime before 9pm. i know it wasn't quite 9pm, because that annoying show popular hadn't started yet and i was waiting for it to begin. ha! i say it's annoying, and it is, but i have a love-hate relationship with things that annoy me. like car accidents on the side of the road. it's horrible, but i want to see what happened. or like the website of someone who is so pretentious and obnoxious. it's pathetic, but i want to know what the person said this time. i woke up around midnight, only to get up from the couch and crawl into my bed. i slept like a baby.

and now it's 8:33am, and i've had nearly 12 hours of sleep, and i'm still slightly disoriented and groggy and hungry, well, very hungry. the sky is gray and that makes me happy. now if it would only rain again, i would be ecstatic.

i need a new coat. i dreamt about coat shopping, and i found the perfect one at a department store for $34.95. it looked exactly like the coat i almost bought in london at a camden flea market. caramel fuzz that went down to my knees. it was only $10, which is a steal, but i'd just bought a long wool coat and a new pair of docs and it seemed excessive not to mention heavy to carry all of this with me back on the bus to paris.

it amazes me, sometimes, what my memory refuses to let go of. the coat is really nothing compared to the other kinds of things it's holding onto.

sushi, photographs, video games, french fries, comic books, giggling--being a big kid is fun.

still a little sniffly.

the essay by dave eggers toward the bottom of this harvard advocate interview is wonderful.

airplanes, every 10 minutes or so.

this disorganized business is really getting out of hand.

i am one moody girl.