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and there i was, a vision of absolute girliness.

ibuprofin swimming in my veins. the almighty wave passing through my body. my body blown up blimp size.

i stood in the express lane, wearing jeans, a hooded sweatshirt and ratty black converse. my arms already filled with caramel brownie mix, nestle crunch bars and licorice, i picked up a copy of cosmo and threw it onto the counter with my other rations.

oh bedside astrologer. show me the way to men, sex and money! i want to make him plead and beg for more! i want him to worship me. i want, i want, i want!

i want to crawl under my quilt and come out in the springtime. i want a big fat slice of cheesecake and a latte to wash it down. i want flowers, lots of them, big bundles, huge bouquets, that light up my whole room. i want to be wooed for once. i want my monthly visitor to go away now, please, thanks.

screw the sugar, spice and everything nice. i am a real girl, and cursing every last bit of it.

vacation, all i ever wanted. vacation, hafta get away.

i took the easy way out.

with my amazon.com gift certificate, i am going to buy hayden's closer i get CD (as demanded by billy), paris out of hand, love in the time of cholera, and next stop, grand central.

people don't use the word "divine" enough. as in, "oh yes, it was simply dee-viiiiiiiine."

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