16 december 1999 | back | archive | forward

i am both horribly bored and extremely overwhelmed right now. neither makes good journal fodder, unfortunately.

instead, i'd like to wish you a wonderful weekend. leave this machine this instant, i beg you, and go do something worthwhile. blow a kiss. scribble a picture. call a friend. take a nap. read a book. watch a movie. do a cartwheel.

i don't know, just go do something. the operative word, of course, is go.

there she goes again.

in one week, i see snow. this is a big event for a SoCal girl, mind you.

sniffly and sneezy.

i love inconsistent.org. and liz, the girl who runs it, wrote an interesting paper about digital storytelling.

when i was growing up, they called me christinie weanie.

write me long letters or leave me secret messages. i love that.