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oh i find myself so very amusing. to think that i am even typing these words right now -- another cheesy webjournalthing entry -- one day after i said i no longer would. i could write this whole long-winded passage explaining why i did what i did and why i changed my mind so soon after, but i don't want to. that's really the whole point. i don't have to.

and i will babble incessantly, and i will use ridiculous metaphors, and i will repeat myself, and i will repeat myself, and i will make rash decisions, and i will change my mind, because i can.

i had sushi with maura, who's sort of like a celebrity, but not really, because she's really just a sweet (& stupid) girl, like me.

i forgot what i was going to put here.

for those of you who don't know html but want some sort of writing outlet, try scribble and diaryland. then give me your link, so i can stalk you.

"this girl is just another self-absorbed, pretentious bore. Lose the 'angsty. teen. poet.' BS, stop pondering your navel and get a life." --angry guestbook signer. how did he know? i'm the ultimate angsty teen poet. ha.

by the way, for those of you who actually enjoyed third-person, it now lives here.

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