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do you ever throw words out into the air and wish right then that you could swallow them right back? i do. all the time.

it was brought to my attention that the last entry was childish, and he was right. it was.

and the funny thing is, if you knew me, if you really knew me, you'd know i didn't mean it. i was tired and frustrated and annoyed and bitter and angsty, yes angsty, and i just threw it out there in a fit of all of those emotions combined.

so let's do what i always do when i say something stupid (which is often). let's just pretend i didn't say it at all.

i'll smile and nod, like it's such a marvelous day.

and you say: "hmm? did you say something?"

and i'll reply: "no. i didn't say a word."

still happy that behold made glassdog.

when i want something, it's all i think about, which makes the rest of life somewhat diffcult.

i got my first hate-guestbook-entry! (see #28) that's so cool. i like that i can make people mad without even trying.

i hear everything through my apartment walls.

i woke up for no reason at all at 2 a.m. so i checked my e-mail and went back to bed.