05 october 1999 | back | archive | forward

there's this running joke my roommate and i have that boys are retarded. and no offense, but god, sometimes they just are. like right now, right this very minute, i can think of a number of them, and yup, they're retarded, all right.

but it's okay, see. because girls, well, we're stupid. so horribly stupid. including me.

so it's perfect, actually. retarded boys. stupid girls. it all cancels out in the end, in this blinding, maddening fit of stupid, retarded love.

wow. behold got glassdogged. go see for yourself.

the newness is wearing off, and i am finding myself on the corner wondering which way to turn.

reading the accidental asian, essays by eric liu, a 2nd generation chinese american. so far, so good.

"my soul needs it more than water." -- a friend.

my feet are cold.