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{a letter to somebody nice}

dear person who sent me the akiko book,

yesterday morning i wandered over to the dry cleaners because that is where the special deliveries go (yes, we have dry cleaners in our housing complex, how fancy shmancy, eh?). i was sleepier than usual, because i stayed up way too late the night before doing secret girl things and i didn't have time for my morning caffeine addiction feeding.

with the UPS post-it notice stuck to the inside pocket of my messenger bag, i walked into the small space and smiled at the friendly laundry lady. "hello," i said. "i think you have a package for me."

i handed her the yellow slip of paper, and she glanced at her clipboard. "castro?"

"yes," i said.

"oh, you have two packages."

for me? i thought. yes me, i realized. and she handed me two boxes from amazon.com and they were books most likely and i was so excited to open them and find out what they were and who sent them to me.

i threw my bags down on the passenger seat, tore open the packages and squealed with delight (well, not audibly, but inside i was definitely squealing). the first was i like you, from my friend wendi, and the second was akiko on the planet smoo, from you. whoever you are.

gosh. what to say, but thank you? thank you, thank you, thank you!

i love it so much. i read it once, a while ago, but i will read it again. did you know that my friends erlina and miguel say i sound like her? they say that she looks like she might have my voice, or my voice is how she might sound. which i thought was cute. also, they met mark crilley, the comicbook artist, and got me a sketch that's perfect to frame. (sidenote: they are very dear friends, those two, and i don't say that enough.) i'm no comic book connoisseur but, i swear, akiko is one of heroes, and now you are, too.

i wish you would tell me who you are so i could thank you properly, but in the meantime, this will have to do.

your friend,

p.s. would you have any interest in being my sugar daddy? or sugar mama for that matter? just checking.

conversations you don't want to end, so you say "okay, i should really go now," and then you talk for twenty more minutes, anyway.

indecisiveness, maybe.

rediscovery is so sweet, like yesterday when i stumbled upon never-ever.net, the personal website of a boy named ben.

"sometimes when i go to sleep i snuggle with a pillow and pretend it's a girl i like." -- perceptions.diaryland.com, as recommended by jordan.

henceforth, the SSF shall follow the name rather than precede it.

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