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it rained this morning, and i closed my eyes and inhaled the dampness. clean pavement. fresh air. drops falling, dot, dot, dot, on my windshield. i stepped outside and pulled my sweater around my body. it felt nice to do that rather than want to peel all my layers off.

i was not expecting rain, but often that is when it's best: when you don't have a raincoat or umbrella, and you walk right under the shower so that it soaks you, and you hear your mother's voice in the back of your head saying you'll catch cold. but instead of running for the nearest cover, you extend your arms, knock your head back and open your mouth to catch some drops on your tongue.

i hope it rains again tonight, when i am lying in bed about to tumble into slumber. the pitter patter is the perfect lullaby.

and when i wake up the next morning, everything is slightly greener. or maybe it was always that shade of green; i just finally notice it.

i'm going north for the labor day weekend to attend a cousin's wedding and visit family and hopefully friends. it's only been three months since my last visit to the bay area, but i can't wait to go again.

a sense of urgency.

it appears i've won a Hottie award: "for hot chicks who write really good." should i be afraid?

"excuse me, can you die now? thanks."

and i get to wear cords and sweaters and docs, again.

my moody mood