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if it seems like i haven't been around much, it's 'cause i haven't.

my new home is sandwiched between the ocean and some barren land, which makes it very quiet, cozy, safe, and ... well, dull. it's not easy to get to and there's nothing within walking distance -- which is a switch from my old neighborhood, where there was a coffeehouse, a grocery store, a couple bars and several restaurants, all within a few blocks.

so i've been going out a bit. this requires me to drive my poor, old, cranky car, and has lately involved any combination of a) looking at my thomas guide to first map out my route, b) getting lost, anyway, because the streets are so messed up around here, c) calling up a friend to accompany me on my adventure and d) food.

i think the past couple weeks can probably be best summed up in meals.

sunday: shanghai red's, champagne brunch with my dad and cousin-slash-roommate at this swank restaurant on the marina. no occasion, just to treat my dad to something nice, while mom was still away.
bonus: fresh seafood!
tuesday: mexicali grill, dinner and margaritas with michelle. it was our last meal shared -- at least for a while. after scarfing down some chips & salsa, an enchilada and a mango margarita, we sat in the smoggy air and watched cars drive by.
bonus: right next door to the gap so you can shop while you wait.
thursday: sushi east, sushi with lori, andre and their friend amber. unagi, yellow-tail and california rolls, all of which were almost spit out in a fit of laughter because of some of the stories told.
bonus: they make you take off your shoes at the door and you sit on the floor at sunken tables.
friday: hide sushi*, japanese food with claudine and The Boys. claudine was craving salmon teriyaki and miso soup, and i'd been dying to go to this place since february when i discovered this mini, little tokyo neighborhood in santa monica. as zagat suggests, the food is so amazing you don't care about its lack of ambience and service.
bonus: not only was the food spectacular, but my company was top-notch.
saturday: PCH, chinese feast with dad, uncle jimmy and friends. a phenomenal spread of the finest chinese cuisine -- and many dishes were a first for me, which was refreshing. i wish they invited me out more often.
bonus: fresh abalone, peking duck and steamed crabs, need i say more?
sunday: porch cafe, brunch with miguel and erlina. a house-turned-diner in a hip part of long beach, this cafe was so cheap i couldn't believe it and the food was good, too. they are one of my favorite couples, ever, and two very dear friends.
bonus: bacon, eggs, french toast and orange juice for $4.95.
monday: mcdonalds, lunch with peter, my co-worker. i always have to choose and he always has to drive, as per our lunch agreement. so of course i chose mcdonalds for the hello kitty happy meals.
bummer: i got a crappy toy, the apple padlock.
wednesday: a-float sushi, dinner with garrett at a gimmicky japanese joint in old-town pasadena. you sit around a circular bar and you choose your sushi as it floats on boats in a stream. the placemat is pivotal in this scene: you determine the cost and type by what pattern of china the sushi is on. i ate unagi, yellowtail and salmon.
bonus: mango-flavored mochi ice cream. mmm.**

*note: i don't normally eat this much sushi, but i am discovering i could easily eat it every day!

**another note: keep in mind that this is over the course of nearly two weeks, and the rest of the time, i'm eating mac&cheese, carrots and cereal. i'm no pig, really i'm <oink> not.

i'm developing a newfound appreciation for LA, and i'm discovering that there are so many parts of the city that i have yet to explore. i wouldn't say that i love the city so much that i'll never leave, but at least i'm enjoying the time i'm spending here. which, really, is saying a lot.

happy birthday, bryan!

also: happy little surprises.

i provoked it.

pavement's one of those bands i'd always heard of but never bothered to actually listen to-- until june, in dawnie's apartment, when the hopping melodies seeped under my skin and haunted me for weeks. my friend steve was nice enough to lend me brighten the corners, and now i am addicted.

"she asked me if i would feel her aura."

setting is everything.

my moody mood