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sometimes, i want to break things. i want to throw vases at doors and stomp on picture frames and sock somebody right in the nose, rage-filled activities that look so glamorous and satisfying in the movies. i want to neglect responsibility. i want to forget to pay the rent and flake on you at the last minute and double park my car too close to the flaming red porsche. i want to tell you i'll call you the next day, and leave you sitting by the phone, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. i want to forget your birthday. i want to tell you what i really think about your new tie. i want to eat the last cookie in the jar even if i knew you were saving it for dessert. i want to erupt in crankiness and leave a bitter taste in your mouth and crawl under your skin without any regard for how that might make you feel. i want to be reckless, and guiltless, and carefree.

but then again, maybe all i really want is to be held and told everything will be okay.

congrats to carrie and brian on their engagement. woo hoo!

i'm slowly catching up, but i keep slipping.

i'm not usually a big sucker for astrology, but wow. jonathan cainer sees right through my soul, maaaan.

"service the words. don't make them serve you." -- an excerpt from a brilliant poem by my pal, edren sumagaysay.

portishead is not always a good idea.

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