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"one of the fountains in vegas was all dried out, and there on the bottom were all these pennies and nickels and even some quarters, buried in the dirt," i said. "all those wishes. does that make them wasted?"

"not at all."

"but they are exposed."

"if you believe in wishing..."

"sometimes i do," i said. "i believe that people make them and truly believe them -- and maybe that's the key. if you truly believe in it, then you can make it happen. but there are so many other factors, like reality, that come into play."

you. yes, you.

it's all blurring together.

napkin.org reminds me of a boy who once was so nervous (i guess) on a date (i think it was) that he scrawled a poem on a napkin while we were sitting at the bar. it was a poem about writing a poem on a napkin.
[via prolific.org]

"today is whatever you want it to be." -- beth orton.

i keep forgetting it's supposed to be winter.

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