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they looked at me like i was crazy when i stopped to take a photo of the top of the eiffel tower. like it was just some random structure, one of many in vegas. granted, it was not nearly as majestic nor beautiful as the real thing, but it was still the eiffel tower, for crying out loud, and standing before it was like looking at the photograph of an old lover. so i had to pause and just stare at it for a minute, taking it all in. it was the least i could do, and really all i wanted was to close my eyes and go back. right then and there.

my dad is the sweetest man alive. honestly.

i just need to write more, and more often.

allrecipes.com. not that i cook that often or anything, but if i did.

"the world is big, isn't it?"

mondays are not my favorite day.

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