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when does a matter of coincidence become fate? when does common ground become a foundation for more? and where is the line between imagination and reality and who draws it?

this is what fills my head, lately.

"christine hammerman, please do not ignore this call," the message on my voicemail urged. this lawyer thinks i am the person he is looking for, this chris fellow who has been evading the law. more than once, i've told him, i have verbally told him, "i am not the person you are looking for," but he still calls. i imagine he's this young, bright-eyed lawyer who thinks he's found his first big lead. i want to rip the phone out of his socket and tell him to go back to law school.

last week i received a mixed tape from a friend across the country. she was born one day after me. she's filipina, loves to write, works for the web, plays the piano and enjoys art. reading her website was not like discovering someone with whom i'd had a lot in common; it was like reading someone who had practically lived my life. the mixed tape she sent: it was based on the same theme mine was. we had not discussed this previous to crafting or sending them. opening up the package to find this sent chills up my spine.

the web -- for its name alone -- connects people in a such a sticky way that i've had my share of "will you imagine that"s and "it's such a small world"s. you can't hide, and even if you try, someone will find you. paths will cross, and you will either stop, say hello and get to know the person or walk on by, barely noticing. but the connection has been made. shoulders were brushed. threads intersected. you might meet again.

the same five letters in the alphabet and 10 digits on a telephone; two girls who grow up on opposite ends of the world end up so alike; you knowing me knowing him who knows her. what are the odds?

i'm just fascinated by it all. maybe it's just the rainy day clouds fogging up my own head, creating this air of mystery and intrigue.

maybe, but i wonder.

it's official. i'm going to sxsw! are you?

i really am a shy girl when i first meet you.

just when i think i'm doin' allright for my age, another 15-year-old comes around and makes me think otherwise.

"athlete and granny toasting tea cups." -- a title i gave to a photo at work. heh.

viva las vegas, baby.

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