beautiful pleasing to my eyes.
i'm always talking blah blah blah about seeing beauty.
accidental oops!
perhaps some of my favorite photos were unintended.
random makes you go hmm
there are just some things that make you wonder.
polaroids magic photos
instant photo magic in your fingertips.
izones blue skies
peeking through the tiny viewfinder.
holga shh, it's mom
imperfection never looked so lovely.
i've got a good eye. i grew up in a house that was filled with artwork, i was taught good form and fashion at an early age, and i was always being inspired and encouraged by my family, who are all wonderful artists. add to that my natural curiosity and desire to capture everything all the time, and you can imagine how i obsessively horde objects of art: black and white postcards, cool looking packaging, prints of famous paintings and, naturally, photographs. this is an archive of some of my favorite images. some photos will overlap images seen in other sections; that probably just means they're that much more special.