welcome to maganda means "pretty" in tagalog.

not everything looks pretty here, some things seem pretty stupid, and some are just pretty darned pointless. but it's my site, not yours. it's my obsession, my inspiration, my haven, my playground and, sometimes, the biggest pain in my ass.

it's a personal website.

the person:
the best way to get to know me is to dig through the site, but for those of you who are lazy you can go straight to my bio or check out my bookmarks.

the site:
believe it or not, this site was created on a mac performa 6214cd, with bbedit, photoshop, a 28.8 modem and lots of coffee. (i've since upgraded computers, but i still drink too much coffee.) all writing and design is copyright ©1999-2001 christine castro. that means you shouldn't steal anything. plus, it's just not nice. was nominated for a 2000 webby award, awarded best of cool, and mentioned in magazines such as A., silicon salley, Ten magazine, NOW and Speak. it's always nice to know people recognize and appreciate my work.

you can e-mail me. (i like e-mail, and i like you.)

you can also send me things, and if you leave your address, i'll send you something back. mail is fun.

p.o. box 29515
los angeles, ca 90029

thank you for being here. really. you're pretty damn cool. even if you're the person who leaves mean messages on my guestbook. at least i know you care.

sign up for the maganda(dot)list, and you'll never be outta the loop.

thank you,

just a bunch of lies-- big, blatant, bare-teethed lies. also, requisite bio, photo and ego.

fragments are sometimes fictional, sometimes true, but always delicious reading.

other web projects, stories, letters, even poetry, and i don't even write poetry.

an archive of some favorite images. it's pretty sparse, but watch this space.

oh, the places i go! my trips and travels captured in stories, photos, memories.