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there's so much that nobody knows about me, so much that i am scared to even write down, for fear that it would be finally admitting what a fuck-up i can be.


i feel like my life is in shambles, or could be -- if i just took one wrong step, if i just made one faulty move.

left, not right. there, not here. up, wait, no. shit. down.

and it's probably nothing. it's probably all in my head, but what if it's not? how do you know anything for sure?

the promise that friday brings. weekend brunches, window shopping and long lulls of nothing in particular at all.

i try not to cause waves, sometimes at my own expense.

the new counting crows CD is, of course, wonderful. especially colorblind. i love that song.

"well if i am a bitch, then your boyfriend is the son of a bitch."

what are you doing on new year's eve?

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