28 september 1999 | back | archive | forward

i've been staring at this screen so long thinking maybe, just maybe, the words will come to me. perhaps they'll just jump on the screen when i blink.

but i waited, and they didn't, and now it's late, and i'm sleepy, so sleepy, so i'm going to bed.

and i realize not every day has to be a hallmark greeting card, not every entry has to be poetry, not every single moment in every single day is going to be worth writing about. and that's okay. it's life.

you people are so nice i can hardly stand it! thank you. five millions times, thank you. (especially to michelle for putting up with me.)

i don't know where to go for a mini-vacation this fall. i'm thinking something like new york or seattle or maybe even london or paris. any suggestions? keep in mind that i will probably end up doing absolutely nothing right in the very spot i now sit. but still. it's fun to plan.

this site reminds me of my brother's design posters. it's sharp.

"women hold up the sky."
--mao, as cited by zhao shujing, as quoted in the new york times. which coincidentally i read for the first time in far too long. ah, such a great journalist i turned out to be.

i thought dawson's creek was on tonight, but i was wrong. heh. bad.