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he told me what i was doing was smart. what i was doing, as in what i was doing with my life lately and what i thought i might do with my life in the near future, the near future being the period between today and next year. i shared with him my current plan, the one i revise every five minutes, convincing even myself that it didn't just make sense--it was practically brilliant. but i'm not sure what i really think. sometimes i think i'm doing everything right, but i wonder if that's where i falter: i think, rather than feel. surely to think (use your brain) in itself is not bad--i have not educated myself for nothing--but feeling (know your heart) is key. it's a balance. thinkfeelbrainheartsuccesshappiness.


you know, i was starting to get pretty embarrassed with me, these words, this site because i felt like all i ever did was repeat myself. so maybe i do. but it's nothing to be ashamed of, i am realizing. what i repeat is important. it's everything i need to remember and have yet to figure out.

imagine how dull life would be if i knew everything, already. there'd be no reason for tomorrow.

spilling open is a marvelous book--inspiring and truthful and beautiful. i highly recommend it to all women, especially those who feel like they are sometimes stumbling awkwardly through life. sabrina ward harrison also has an unfinished-but-lovely website.


it seems a gocco kit is just the thing i've been looking for to be a self-printing maven, but i can't quite tell from the website. do you know gocco? if so, do tell. i will send you a postcard of gratitude.

"talking to you is like talking to my grandmother. i have to enunciate every word and shout really loudly."


i held a baby in my arms last night. i could be a mother, i thought. but then she began to cry and i handed her back.

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