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my grandfather is very sick. he has just been taken to the hospital, but i don't know how serious it is. my mother has told us to be prepared for any eventuality-- and to be prepared to go to the philippines if, well, you know. if.

he has had two strokes in the past 10 years and is very weak. he is 89.

i don't ask strangers for prayers often, because i don't like to impose my religion on others, but if you believe in God, please say a prayer for him. or maybe you just believe in thinking positive thoughts or sending good vibes. i'll take whatever you can offer.

thank you.

he's a wonderful man, my grandpa. i think you'd like him.

my friends who have listened to me say the same things over again, like peter and maura and carrie. i know it's hard to say things at times like these, but you listening is enough, so thanks.

one day up, the next day down.

crafty web zine thing miss DIY (do-it-yourself, for those as slow as i am) is way hipper than martha stewart, and the girls and boy behind it are way cuter, too.

him: i don't think it's hit me yet.
me: it has been hitting me all day.

tomorrow's already friday.

my moody mood