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i am such a horrible lakers fan. i think there's a game going on -- that must be the oohs and ahhs emanating from downstairs (not to be confused with other sounds) -- but i am doing laundry, instead. i am drinking a cafe latté from anastasia's because our braun coffee maker pot is cracked. i am listening to the spinanes. track 5.

i realize i must seem pretty boring, lately. there's actually a lot going on, a lot, actually, but i can't talk about it here. that's the horrible thing about popularity. people start paying attention. everyone knows what's going on. you cannot hide. and it's not even so much that i want to hide as i just can't tell certain people about certain things.

--yet. just not yet.

but, oh, when i do, when i finally do, i think i will blow them away. i might blow you away. i feel like i'm being blown away.

there will be big changes. there will be cake. there will be dancing (ha, that makes it sound like i'm getting married or something, which i am not). there will be drinking and high-fiving and rejoicing and celebrating, damnit. lots of it.

soon, i hope, soon. not for your sake, really, but for mine.

reading my archives. (hey, i was pretty clever!)

i hate being mysterious, but i just must.

a girl after my own heart: she who enjoys her food so much that she sketches her meals on her palm pilot. the result? "a daily dose of delectable drawings." and you know how i'm a sucker for tiny, cute illustrations.

"i want a girl. who thinks i'm smart. about stars and cars and birds and worms and art." -- spaceghost.

i keep thinking today is thursday.