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surprise! so i sort of redesigned.

okay, i majorly redesigned. this is something i've been thinking of doing for months, now, and i finally got around to doing it. do you like it? do you hate it? wait. don't tell me. i don't really care. it's already growing on me.

besides, this site has always been about words, anyway -- and look. right here. words. not even a click away.

what else is new?

  • behold has a new home: behold.maganda.org. but you can't come in! i'm redecorating. it will take a while.
  • the pink square, formerly known as "blah," is now cleverly titled "girl." it will house even more stuff that you never wanted to know about me.
  • the light pink square, which used to be behold, is now blue! it's a section called "squint," which will be a storehouse for images.

i may wake up tomorrow morning, hate it horribly and instantly change it back to the way it was. but that's the beauty of the web, right? that i can. being fickle was never so easy.

oh, and i promise not to bore you with these details too often. we' ll resume with our usual melodrama and sap next time.


look around. it's all snuggly fresh.

change is good. trust me.

some people call it picky. whatever.

did i ever link mo nickels? i should have, because the writing is pretty clever. also, he lives in new york and is going to paris (someone after my own heart). he's so right about the mcdonald's on the champs elysèes.

"tell her something in my mind freezes up from time to time." -- tell her, by del amitri.

now i'm just another webjournal. ha.