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it took me 2 1/2 minutes to put the diaper on the doll, but i was blindfolded and they sabatoged my turn by flipping the doll upside down. ("and look, how funny, she is about to put the diaper on the baby's head!") still, i took the longest and lost all other baby shower games. which i guess was expected, anyway, since i'm the single one; i'm the one furthest from having a child, much less settling down; i'm the girl who is always planning her next adventure (or escape). can't sit still, must move on, can't sit still, i have to go. now. sometimes it's dizzying even for me, and the prospect of sitting on the sofa with my head on somebody's shoulder watching real world re-runs all day long sounds like heaven.

it was the way a sunday should be: happy brunch with bryan followed by a long, lazy nap and artsy crafty activity 'til the early morning hours, because monday is a holiday. yay!

miss maura turned 25 today. if you have not already wished her well, it's not too late. go do it now! you so rock, maura.

too much grease.

a few lines scribbled in what i thought was an unused journal, written in 1996.

"they are just too cool for their own good," she said.

and my room has been clean all weekend, too.