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in 24 hours nothing will have changed.

i may be holding a glass structure, a trophy, a whateverthehellisawebby -- i may have a drink in the other hand, or i may have a boy on my arm, or i may have both, or i may have neither.

my feet will hurt. my shoulders will be cold. my tummy will be tired of sucking itself in.

but nothing will have changed.

i'll still be the same girl i am now. people might look at me differently, as a winner or loser or a former nominee-- as a web designer or a web producer or a future employee-- but i will still be the same girl.

christine. not blah girl x. not x-i-n-e. not the girl@maganda.org.

just me.

so what i want to know, what i really want to know, is who is that girl, the one i saw in the mirror, because she was smiling a few hours ago, and she was beautiful, and she looked like she understood more than she maybe realized.

i want to know her.


she looked like the kind of girl you'd want as your best friend, or lover, or wife, or mother, or friend.

she looked like somebody you could trust, and care about, and depend on, and love.

she looked a lot like me.

vacation, all i ever wanted.

piles of clothes. everywhere.

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"but if i were you, i'd probably do the same thing," she said. "i'd accommodate him even more."

oh my gosh, did you watch felicity?