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this is the way life works: one minute you're sitting, you're waiting, you're sitting, you're waiting, you're staring, you're bored, you're bored. you're waiting. and then just as you get used to the rhythm of nothing, everything happens.

not that anything has happened, yet.

but i think it's coming. i really do.

i'm not one to predict the future, but i've been right before.

i'm really excited about He Said, She Said, a new storytelling project. shmuel and i worked hard on it (well, he worked, and i watched). you should really contribute a tale of your own.

autobiography vs. lies, documentation vs. performance, SF vs. NYC?

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

last night's message on my voicemail: "hi, i'm calling for sarah. i wasn't sure if you were still at this number [paraphrased, blah blah blah]. if you are, please give me a call back. if you're not, please let me know that i'm calling the wrong number." click.

what's wrong with that picture?

i wish we had skittles in the vending machines.