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there are three things that i am always letting pile up: bills, clothes and e-mail.

i just finished a whirlwind e-mail session. (yes, yes, go check it now. i e-mailed you too!) i am not just on time with my bills; i'm early, and i feel like i'm becoming a proper adult. but those clothes, oh, that pile of clothes is way too daunting to attack right now.

in contrast, there are three things that i always run out of: money, coffee and shelf space.

when your parents tell you that money doesn't grow on trees, they are trying to teach you a lesson you probably won't learn until a few credit card bills too late. if it did, i would be climbing every palm tree on sunset boulevard right now. luckily, i discovered that you can get one of those huge cans of maxwell house coffee at albertsons for five bucks with your rewards card. this is so important, because michelle and i go through that stuff like water. (and yeah, okay, so i'm the cliché writer who drinks too much coffee, sits in coffeehouses with her notebook and stays up until the early morning hours because she had a double latté at 9 o'clock.) as for shelf space, i don't know how it happens, but as much as i reorganize and as much as i throw out, i still need more. especially for CDs and books, the latter of which i still need to take more from my parents' house and bring back to my place. just because i miss them. i miss seeing the books lined up against my wall like a city skyline. i miss re-reading random passages out of my old favorites. i miss the inspiration i got from just having them around me.

and now, writer's block.

i can't really do any work worth reading unless my room is clean. i can't really clean unless and until i have shelf space. but i can't buy shelves because i just paid bills and i shouldn't spend any more money.

and if i didn't have all that damn coffee -- one and a half cups of special brew from hawaii, a gift from the newlyweds, that is far better than maxwell house anyday -- i wouldn't even be up at 1am, unable to sit still and think clearly.

yes, let's blame my writer's block on that.

andy inspired me to draw a goofy picture with crayons, just like my kindergarten teacher used to. now if only i could have naptime, i would be the happiest little girl, ever.

i'm not as brave as i pretend to be.

head-space.com, which is my favorite fancy schmancy artsy fartsy site of the moment. you probably need high bandwith and some time to wade through it, but i really enjoy it. and the modifiability (which is now a word, because i say so) of the homepage just plain rocks.

"too many coincidences like that and you are destined to fall into a black hole." -- will, paraphrased poorly, but you get the idea. or maybe you don't, and that's okay, too.

wednesday will go down as one of the best TV nights in teeny bopper show history. the final episodes of 90210 and party of five at the same time as all-new episodes of dawson's and felicity. and which will i be watching at 9 p.m. PST? neither. i'm going to see Return to Me with my co-worker who's smitten with david duchovny.