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From: natalie
To: christine@maganda.org
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 07:48:37 PDT
Subject: Hi!


tell me about your life!


From: christine
To: natalie@emailaddress.net
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 01:50:15 PDT
Subject: life.

dear natalie,

so you ask me to tell you about my life. what a gargantuan task. the last time we exchanged words was last september (i had to look it up, thank god for e-mail archives, i even have the first e-mail chain dawnie started before our summer in portland) and before that, sometime in the summer. and so much has changed since then.

i live in LA. i moved out of my parents' house and left the Times in august for a new job as an assistant web producer. i help make websites, and i love it. when i think about it, it really makes perfect sense. i enjoy the whole creative process -- editing, design, putting it all together. things at my company are a little slow, but i think there are big changes on the horizon. so i'm waiting, and i'm hopeful. i hardly ever miss reporting (i was certainly never a lisa levenson!), and i do enough writing on my own that i don't miss that, either.

and the rest of life? it's pretty good. i really can't complain (not that that doesn't stop me, of course, but i try to make those moments short-lived). i'm not dating anyone. i'm not going on any vacations. i've not done anything wild or crazy. but i'm happy. i can say that without hesitation. there's always more, but i think that's the way life is, right? seeking, reaching, learning, always.

i can't believe we were living in portland three years ago. it's all so distant yet familiar to me. like, i can still see my apartment in my head and imagine the walk i used to take down to the river. and the dinner parties we'd have at each other's places, and downing ruby red at one of the many mcmenamin's. and cliff's southern drawl and samantha's new york attitude. and erika talking about how much she loved her boyfriend over and over and over again.

i hear erika is moving to sacramento after a short-lived stint doing the web thing in san francisco. she's happily married, of course. cliff came to LA last year and we hung out last-minute one night with his friend. he was being very strange and pretty obnoxious. it made me really uncomfortable, and i haven't heard from him since. the only person i keep in close contact with is dawnie. last i'd heard she was supposed to come down in april, and i don't know if that's still true, but i hope so, because i miss her terribly.

and you. how are you, natalie? tell me about your life.


felicity is back, and now on wednesday nights, which makes a helluva cheesy teenybopper TV block: dawson's creek and felicity! woo. (and i wonder why they think this is a teen domain. heh.)

you know something is wrong, and then you do it, anyway.

lots of fun things to do at lateral.net, which i think is based in the uk. click on play and then find the pooper scooper. it makes me giggle.

girl 1: "so, like, should i grow my hair out so i can pull it back or cut it really short?"

girl 2: "cut it really short. you don't want to run out of shampoo."

i was just testing you to see if you were paying attention.