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there's a certain time of night that, if i reach it, is immune to caffeine, reaches beyond exhaustion and has utter disregard for the concept of an hour. it's not even a moment, really. it's a state, a frame, a period. it's when i'm so enveloped by what i'm doing that i don't bother noticing anything else. it's when i'm enraptured, when i'm obsessed, when i'm inspired, when i'm busy busy busy making something, dreaming everything, hoping for anything all at once. my eyes my hands my ears are focused so focused that i don't realize that it's 3am, or that i have to get up in five hours, or that i didn't even accomplish what i was supposed to do. and it's okay. it doesn't matter. there's a certain time of night, or maybe it's sometime in the early morning, when nothing else matters but the very thing i'm doing. like now.

funny dreams that you can't even remember when you wake up.

oops, i let the butterflies creep inside my tummy.

i transferred all my bookmarks to blink. perhaps you should, too.

"yeah, and then she was like, 'i said it because i can talk to you,' and pacey was like, 'i don't want to talk, i'm sick of talking,' and then he grabbed her and they kissed and then it ended."
-- myself, giving the dawson's creek play-by-play to joel.

there's too much chocolate in this apartment.

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