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there are patterns. if you look hard enough, they are right there, staring back at you. grinning, almost mockingly. they were there all along; you just chose to turn the other way and ignore them. they are not stronger than you. they can do nothing, unless you let them.

but if you do, they will paint themselves upon every white wall in your home, they will plant themselves in every spot of soil, they will redecorate your life so that you forgot what it looked like before they arrived.

and don't let them. girl, don't let them.

there are patterns, but it's your canvas and you have the paintbrush. you are in control; you always were.

happy birthday, billy! you are a dear friend.

sometimes, too trusting.

the only thing i don't like about phresh lumpia is that it's not updated as often as i'd like.

"aww, you're my favorite person today."

i'm thinking, maganda.org t-shirts; imagine the pretty colored boxes across your chest.

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