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i was in line to see pauly shore in concert. it was packed. the crowd was unruly. i could not wait to get in that music hall. and then the limo drove up. it was him. the crowd went even crazier. my heart began racing. his bodyguards pushed through the mob -- girls screaming, reaching and fainting -- and let pauly and his crew by. i was watching intently, when my heart stopped when i saw pauly shore's brother. our eyes met. he stopped and handed me a front row ticket and backstage pass. before i could say thank you, he was gone.

so began last night's pathetic dream.

yes, i fell in love with pauly shore's brother. i don't even like pauly shore, and i don't even know if he has a brother, but this was the story my subconscious decided to unravel while i was all snuggly in my flannel PJs and down comforter.

"damn," says b., "you are so frustrated."

"frustrated how?" i ask, and then pause. "oh, you mean boy-wise?"

"obviously," he says.

okay, so maybe i am. it's just that, i mean god i, well i am so...ugh. frustrated. and it's all there, swimming in my head. past loves, recent dates, potential boyfriends. expectations and hopes. desires and realities. and pauly shore's brother. who was really cute, by the way. in fact, he was pretty hot, and he did make my little subconscious heart go pitter patter.

fragments turned 51 yesterday.

if you have never had an in-n-out burger, you are sorely missing out. it is the one thing that has kept me from going vegetarian. really.

sore throat. again. need to up my vitamin C dosage.

you can find me here if you look hard enough. and i am not talking about the links page.

"What's going to happen? Time." -- paulzilla.

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