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i don't know if it's the time of year or what, but there's a little black cloud following me around, lately. the shadow it leaves is not too dark. it hasn't yet begun to rain. it's not so chilly that i need more than a sweater. but it will not let the sun shine on my face completely.

it's okay. it does me no real harm.

it's only making me appreciate the sunshine that much more.

fragments turned 50 today.

i am meeting all sorts of wonderful people, i just want you to know that. (and if you are one of them, hello!)

perhaps i just need a nap.

the head dork at almostcool.org started an unjournal/unweblog project. almost daily, he records his most vivid sensory experience. it reminds me a bit of third-person, which everyone but me hated.

"gentle winged apathy come to take my girl away." -- the quotable hubert.

over here and there.