April 28, 2003
i think i forgot to tell you the part about my decision to give up the bacon log, again. this time, for good.

i will figure out a way to keep the bacon legacy alive, but i just don' t have time or energy to continue preaching the bacon gospel.

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September 5, 2002
the bacon drought is over!

thanks to the urging of lisa & salim, i ate a bacon-cheddar-egg bagel sandwich on saturday and a few more slices with breakfast sunday, and hot damn, was it ever good. there was actually a lot of grease and a lot of booze last weekend, the highlight of which had to be friday night's chicken and waffles. we were in such food comas that we were too lazy to go out for drinks and proceeded to mix a couple of cocktails in our pajamas.

this week, it's back to yogurt & granola in the mornings, which obviously makes my heart -- and stomach -- grow fonder of fat strips of grease-dripping bacon.
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August 26, 2002
this will no doubt come as a shock to you, as it did me, but last week i actually discouraged my coworker helen from eating a bacon-and-egg sandwich for breakfast.

who am i?!

truth be told, i've been cutting down on the bacon and pie and french fries and gin, all as an effort to get rid myself of the lardy feeling i've had about my body. i'm going to the gym and watching what i eat and drinking water. crazy shit. but don't worry. i haven't gone totally off the deep end. i am still all about bacon. i am just starting to truly understand the word, "moderation."

in other news: the Works on Bacon 2002 show was a success, i hear. photos to come.
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August 9, 2002
last week, my love for bacon was renewed. brunch at my place: mimosas & french toast & thick slices of apple-smoked bacon. while we were cooking, seth said to me, "i think we could have done with just one package of bacon," but after brunch there were only three slices left (just enough for the BLT i had the following lunch).

the moral of this story is: you can never have too much bacon.
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May 23, 2002
so, i met the bacon boys. (i'm sorry, guys, that's just what i happen to call you, sometimes, in conversation.) while in new york, i threw a little shindig, and at this shindig, the boys showed up. i had no idea what they looked like, so i kept an eye out for two boys with bacon grease stained shirts. brandon & craig showed up, instead. i knew it was them because i heard one of them say to his girlfriend, "we have to go find this girl." this girl, me.

i followed them to the back of the bar and introduced myself: "are you craig or brandon?"

luckily, it was, and they were wearing bacon buttons to prove it.

i'm sure you're dying to know who these guys are, these two young men who have made preaching the gospel of bacon such a big part of their lives. i was, too. so, what were they like? just nice. really, no grease stains, no lingering bacon scent, nothing. just two fellas who like bacon. a lot.

we only talked for a short while, but i was glad to have met them and talk about food, coincidences and big plans. you may actually get to hear from them yourselves, so don't go anywhere just yet...
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March 24, 2002
my salvation

jeffrey eats pie

pie eats me

i don't know, guys. my love for pie has really grown in the past few months. i just might have to start a plog.

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March 6, 2002
please note: the bacon comments aren't working, for some reason. when i have some time, i don't know when that is but when i do, i will fix them. in the meantime, you can always e-mail me at bacon@maganda.org. don't forget, also, the deadline to submit your bacon work for the spectacular multimedia art show is may 31.

in other bacon news, i've been practicing the art of baking bacon--or as gregory calls it, "bakin'!"
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