i'm sweaty. i'm tired. i'm cranky. my feet hurt. don't mess with me. really. just don't.

dawnie, my hostess with the mostest, chillin' in her lovely astoria place.

billy, josh and rob, in their hoboken living room. we ate bacon and eggs, slurped italian ices and chilled by the hudson river.

self portrait: "bored on subway."

a slice from lombardi's, "new york's best pizza."

mmm. grease. you're so yummy in my tummy.

scott and anne: two of my favorite writers on the web.

the lovely miss maura and her nice friend, greg.

maura and peter: yay for old and new friends.

"fly girl sandwich," says peter.

me and scott. we're trying to look cute.

anne doesn't have to strike a pose.

i was so glad paul and lisa came. lisa and i are old pals (hee hee), and it turned out paul and peter were, too.

me and dawnie: we're slightly tipsy but oh so happy. it's just like old times.