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life always does this to me. the moment i start get comfortable, it throws me for a loop-dee-loop. the next month is bringing a few changes i wasn't expecting at all. at least not this soon.

the biggest of these changes is i'm moving. in three weeks. yes, again. cheaper rent, shorter commute, what's not to love? i'll be subletting a room from my friend's cousin. she has glasses like mine, loves in-n-out and travels a lot. i like her, already. my room is a bit of a fixer-upper, but that just means i get to be more crafty and creative. i should buy a glue gun. and it's a pretty swank area. i'm looking forward to being able to walk walk walk to the drugstore, coffee shops and restaurants. also: they have bubble tea, which is apparently the new hip thing to drink. the line snaked out the shop's door saturday night.

someone told me today that he doesn't deal well with change. i don't know if i do, either, but sometimes it's good to shake everything up, anyway. don't even give yourself time to think. just do it.

and then see what happens.


my friends, who have listened to me cry/sigh/whine (take your pick) this past week. you know who you are.

my eyes are dry. it hurts to look straight ahead.

i've got no time for web surfing.

"So, they wrapped us all in Muslim costumes, and we look so...Muslim." --an e-mail from my 15-year-old cousin, mary beth.

tina, hi. this entry is for you.

i am one moody girl.