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when you've had a few to drink, karaoke always sounds like a good idea.

so last night, lori, andre, their coworkers and i went to an unassuming hole-in-the-wall bar across the street from sony studios for karaoke night. i was told it was the place to go for film industry kids -- PAs and key grips and aspiring actors. there were several, although sometimes it's hard to tell between a drunken idiot and a scene stealer: both types always manage to ham it up. there were the few who could really sing; they belted out aretha and sinatra tunes like they'd done it too many times before. and then, of course, there were the people who'd never left the '80s, like larry. i don't remember what he sang. i just couldn't stop marveling at the baggy, mustard and olive striped sweater that went down to his knees.

i sang back-up to "love shack." i didn't think i could--or would--do it, but somehow i found myself being dragged up on stage and then wishing i was standing closer to the mic so that i could belt out the tunes.

next time, i swear, i am going to sing "material girl." i still remember the dance moves to the routine my cousin, melissa, and i made up 12 years ago.


who says there are no seasons in southern california?

happy birthday, lisa. i'm so glad we're friends.

i wish i were more gutsy.

the internet is filled with useless, silly things.

"do you have a tube top?"

"hell no. do you?

"yes, two."

25 looms. my birthday is in 11 days. (apologies to those who mistook last month for the day. poor sentence structure.)

i am one moody girl.