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he looks just like his mother. his mother, i can't believe paula's a mother. we used to cradle stuffed animals in our arms like they were our children. she had a near life-size stuffed pink panther, and i married them in our front yard, right beside the palm trees. by the power vested in me, they were pronounced panther and wife. when she got married for real, i asked her if the ceremony was nicer this time around.

"yes," she said.

"oh, good."

paula was the closest thing i had to a little sister. she lived next door when i was growing up, so we played all day, every day. she is four years younger, and of course i took advantage of it, doing my fair share of teasing and taunting. still, i secretly adored her.

now she's Mommy and i'm Auntie Christine to a darling 4-month-old boy named christopher.

i kissed his cheek and told him that i used to play My Little Ponys and sing songs from Annie with his mommy. he smiled and looked up at me with his big brown eyes, and i saw paula in him. he gripped my finger, and i took it to mean he knew exactly what i'd said.

a most lovely weekend, fresh flowers in glass bottles and new shampoo that smells divine.

the only thing you can do when your hair is cut a little too short is wait for it to grow.

my new favorite site: the illustrations of jorge colombo make me so happy. i can't believe i hadn't seen them 'til now.

"i feel so old."
"how old are you?"
"24. i'll be 25 next month."

i decided tonight that japanese food is my favorite.

i am one moody girl.