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caution: this entry is link intensive. prepare to click and open windows, lots of them. there were other ways, but i was too lazy to implement them.

what i did not do this year, by christine castro.

+ learn ben folds five and sarah mclachlan songs on the piano
+ save enough money, nor pay off enough debt
+ go on a long vacation
+ fall madly in love
+ take good enough care of my body
+ trip down the wedding aisle and ruin my satin gown (thank God)
+ win a million dollars
+ submit to fray or ember
+ learn javascript or stylesheets
+ finish (or start, ha!) my novel(s)
+ grow up

god, i really hope the world doesn't end tomorrow, because there's so much i still need to do.

my friend, liomir, made me a mixed tape and it's such good company in the car.

please promise me you'll be careful new year's eve, please. otherwise, i'll worry about you.

one of my new favorite sites, tattletale.net.

"Q is such a perfect letter."

i think all the really cool people are in new york.

thanks for all the e-mail and messages. keep 'em coming.