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my three-month anniversaries came and left without much fanfare. three months at my apartment. three months on the job. three months with this new webspace. nobody noticed, nobody cares, but really, three months is a big deal.

it means i've kicked the semester syndrome, the feeling that after three months, i've learned everything i need to know and it's time to move on. that always happened each time i interned at a different publication, each time i lived somewhere for a season, each time i began a new job. i did stay at the LA Times for a year, but i was ready to leave after three months.

this fact, this feat, is actually pretty monumental. it means i'm learning the natural progression of things. i'm understanding ownership and responsibility and growth. i'm happy with where i am at, even if it's not where i planned to be, even if i'm slightly drifting (and it's not even drifting, he and i discussed last night, it's more of a floating-with-direction). and yet, as big a deal as surviving 90 days is to me, there should be no celebrating and no fanfare. it's not about that. it's just life.

but, still, i am proud of myself.

i'm listening to lots of sixpence none the richer. i bought a sketchpad and broke out the graphite. my mom is becoming one of my best friends.

sometimes, i swear, i feel like i've become the USA Today of web journals.

a sign of intelligent asian american life. generation rice, this neat zine thing.

"scraphappy." -- the context escapes me, but the word rings nicely.

contrary to popular belief, i am not my website. what you read does not equal my life. it's just what i write.

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