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all these thoughts were fluttering in my head as i drove home: lists formed, designs sprang, and words, the words were bursting. but. but then this car swerved in front of me, and i slammed on my brakes and immediately changed lanes, and without even realizing i ended up on the off-ramp for wilshire east, when i really should have taken wilshire west. my reflexes were so fast i didn't even know just how close i came to killing myself.

everything after that was just a distraction, shoved into the back seat of my mind. i just smiled and nodded at the vons checker who thought he knew me, although it was only my second time there. i threw my clothes on the messy lump piling on my chair, even if i'd promised myself i would put it all away as soon as i got home. and for the longest time, i just sat here, staring at the blank text document, thinking, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, i almost got into an accident. i almost became a sig alert.

my parents brought me gifts from europe! castanets from madrid, a picasso t-shirt from barcelona, a silver rosary from fatima and a square, antique tin can with van gogh paintings coloring each side. they love me.

i am in phase clogged-throat-scratchy-voice of my cold. woe is me.

wow, i wrote all that? sometimes i forget it all started with one page and practically no html whatsoever.

him: "what are you doing?" her: "my job, unfortunately."

michelle got a tangerine iMac, and it's so pretty.

e-mail me. i like e-mail, and i like you.