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some things in life mean nothing. they're just distractions, ways to keep busy. you can make big deals out of them if you want: assign meaning or attach emotion. but often it's not what you think at all. quite often, there is no point, perhaps like the game, heads-up 7-up.*

From: MissA126@somewhere.com
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 15:40:39 EDT
Subject: heads up 7 up
To: lalala@maganda.org

7 people are picked to be "it." Everyone else puts their heads down and thumbs up, in plain view. The 7 It people each tap one person's thumb, and the tapped thumbs go down. When the Its are finished, they go to the front of the room. The tapped ones (thumbs down) stand up, and try to identify their tapper (one guess). Those who are correct get to take the place of the It person who tapped them. The game is repeated until everyone gets bored with it. There is no point to this game.

*i got eight e-mails in response to my random question -- that's all it was, a passing curiosity among me and my co-workers. but to many, apparently, it was a vivid childhood memory, one happily and eagerly re-lived.

also received in the inbox today, an e-mail from aimee bender!

watery coffee is not my idea of yummy.

the website is curiously strong -- like the mint.

"it takes a while for everything to work, again."

my taste buds are changing.

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