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they're taking my bed away, and my dining room chairs, too. tonight i'll be camping in my bedroom.

i have a down sleeping bag, courtesy of my brother and the northface. instead of trees, i'll be surrounded by boxes and garbage bags. instead of the sounds of crickets and critters, i'll be lulled to sleep by the 12 CDs that did not get packed.

maybe i'll have a picnic on the open spot in the center of my room. maybe i'll read scary stories by candlelight, pretending it's a campfire. maybe i'll leave the window wide open and gaze at stars.

wouldn't that be funny? especially since you can't even see the stars here at night.

viva las vegas, baby.

insecurity is creeping up behind me, even if i told it to go away.

what they say about women who write in all-lowercase letters. tsk, tsk.

"when you complicate your life, you do it with style," said alan in a recent e-mail.

on my computer is a post-it that reads, "pasta. classes. origami." i bet you wish you knew.

my moody mood