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but anyway.

i don't want to talk about that anymore. why don't you talk for a while?

oh i don't care what you talk about. anything, really. you decide. or, i know. tell me a story. yes. tell me a story. no, not the one about the boy and the beanstalk. something else. another one. oh! the one i really like, the one you told me last time. yeah, that one. oh i love that one. yes. this will be so nice. this will be perfect. i am going to put my head on your shoulder, and turn down the music really low, and close my eyes while you tell the story, is that okay?

and take your time. you can go as slowly as you want. i'm not going anywhere.

i read an invisible sign of my own way too quickly, rushing through the last half well into the early morning because i wanted to see how it ended (which is a very bad habit, i know) and now i am starting it over.

aimee bender's writing makes me fall in love with words all over again.

angry tears are the worst kind.

yay! silicon salley profiled little ol' me.

"i honestly did not know that girls could do websites. i thought they were all too busy doing girl-type things." -- fanmail, if you can call it that.

oh, so we're not moving next weekend, after all. we're staying one more week.

my moody mood