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the other thing about summertime, i forgot to mention, is that it smells so good. like jasmine -- the same jasmine that was growing by our swimming pool and now lines the walkway up to our apartment stairs. and fresh fruit, like nectarines and peaches and plums, so ripe and juicy when the knife slices through its skin. and chlorine and coconuts, although i really didn't care much for either of those lingering after my afternoon swims. and salty, sandy ocean air that drifts right past your sun-stained cheeks and through your tangled hair.

blue skies and sunshine light up the day, but when the evening fades to gray, the scent of summer remains.

on letterman tonight, i noticed that fran healy not only has blue eyes and a velvetty voice, but he also has dimples. he makes such a drooling fool outta me.

sometimes, the obvious is the hardest to see.

the ladies at scrounging.org crash and then rate fancy shmancy, artsy fartsy functions and parties in the bay area. i wish they went to the webbys. i would have loved to read their review of the shindig's food, drinks and scamability.

me: "that is exactly what i was thinking, but i tried to make it sound nicer."
her: "christine. with me you never have to be nice."

someone please remind me it is too freakin' hot to wear pants. legs sweating = icky sticky.

i was
my moody mood
the last time i checked.