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when you reveal yourself so deeply, you run the risk of being seen just as deeply-- of being gawked at, like a train wreck; of being interpreted, like a shakespearian play; of being talked about, over and over again, like the latest dish in a small town with nothing better to do. you do this. you ask for it. you are not allowed to complain.

but what do you do when they miss the point entirely?

there are more than one story, even if the words on the page are exactly the same. people just read them differently. i suppose that is the beauty of words and the difficulty of being a writer.

there's a new episode in He Said, She Said: what about the opposite sex gets under your skin? come on. speak up. you know you want to.

summer fruits, like deep red strawberries, sugary sweet nectarines and dripping watermelon -- even better when bought at the farmer's market on a hot day.

maybe she'll stop bugging me, at least for a little while, just enough for me to figure things out.

i saw hamlet and really liked it. although i must admit, i'm not sure how much of that was the fact that i think ethan hawke is so dreamy or that the play has great sentimental value to me.

mix tapes are secret plots to steal hearts. -- jack saturn.

two weeks will go by all too quickly.