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so i was going to do something really, really, really funny for april fool's day, but i was too lazy, and now it's almost noon, and by the time anyone reads this, it'll probably be april 2nd, and don't forget to turn your clocks forward an hour tonight.

all i can think about is springtime and how the strawberries are perfectly red and sweet and juicy, and how tulips and gerber daisies are in full bloom, and how the sky is the blue you only read about. all i want to do is sit outside with a book, and go for a long walk by the beach, and play catch or frisbee, and i don't even like frisbee that much.

i just want to turn off my computer, go outside and play all day long. you'd be a fool not to do the same.

my springtime soundtrack includes the spinanes, aisles and arches; belle & sebastian, the boy with the arab strap; ivy, apartment life; stand by me soundtrack; and the beatles.

i've been putting off making a dental appointment for way too long.

the biggest april fools are my parents, who have been married 33 years today. happy anniversary, mom and dad! a year ago, i paid tribute to them.

sites for other april fools: riothero who played a joke on jason kottke, sixfoot6.com who took down his site to have a drink, and the onion, just because it's so funny.

"you always have great margins...do you use tables?" -- for some reason when billy said this to me, i thought it might be the next best pick-up line of the '00s.

"entirely" is a very big word.