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i wish i were a morning person.

this morning i awoke at 5:30am, two hours earlier than i normally do (and even when i do wake up at 7:30, i don't usually get up until around 8, as i'm sure michelle can attest, and even if i'm up at 8, i don't really mentally wake up until about 10, by which time i am sitting at my desk staring blankly at my computer screen). my lights were on and so was my computer -- i'd fallen asleep immediately after dawson's creek -- so i reached for my glasses, stood up, turned off the light and sat down on my gray swivel chair.

i looked to my right, through my door and out the living room window, and noticed that the sun was slowly coming up (that's one of the great things about my apartment, light floods into the living room and dining room) and it was beautiful. i mean, really, rather stunning. blues and reds and oranges and purples beyond the yellow berry tree and beyond the girl scout house and beyond the apartent with the cornflower blue trim, the sky was glowing.

and i thought, so this is what the world is like at 6 in the morning. quiet and peaceful and alive. and i almost thought, maybe i should get up this early more often, but you know that would never happen. tonight, life will resume as normal: i will drink too much coffee, i will stay up way too late, i will try to do to many things, and i will not wake up until it's almost time to go to work, mumbling and cursing all the way there.

but it was a nice thought.

i amuse myself, entirely.

i need a banana. those who know what it means can pity me; those who don't need not worry.

"baby one more time," by britney spears, really isn't such a bad song, i've decided, after hearing the Travis version. in fact, it's kind of . . . good.

"she walked in on him reading her journal. what are you doing? she asked. listening to you, he replied." -- secret #27, 99 secrets, a site i revisit often.

i'm craving an egg mcmuffin, which can't be good.