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i find myself having to explain myself a lot, lately. why i do this. why it's safer than you realize. why you can read it but i'd rather not talk about it. why and how and when and what in heaven's name.

i can't explain it, really. or maybe i just don't feel like it. either way, it makes me a little cranky.

but i don't want to end this entry on a cranky note. because i am not cranky at all.

i'm actually doing allright: satisfied with my sunday, terrified for tuesday (and if you don't know why, rest assured i'll tell you wednesday) and aching with anticipation for the weekend, when i hop a plane to austin, tx. for that crazy sxsw thing that everyone keeps talking about. but first, there's monday to tackle (i don't like mondays, and mondays don't like me) and somewhere inbetween there is a wednesday and thursday to zoom through.

sometimes, i wish there were a fast-forward button for life.

maybe a clean bedroom really does make me more productive. i got a lot done today.

two more days, and i still haven't figured out what i'm going to read. and i'm nervous, so incredibly nervous.

the laundry room key -- after borrowing our neighbor's (affectionally referred to as the rat lady) key and finishing three loads of laundry, of course.

"hija, be careful with that internet," said mom.


i should have bought celestial seasonings, instead.