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saturday i will smile, again. big and repeatedly and in front of a hundred people. i will step into a navy blue satin gown, wrap my neck in pearls and put my hair up. i'll stand up straight and suck my stomach in and walk down the aisle arm-in-arm with some guy i don't know. i will smile, blindly, and try to look, inconspicuously, for my mom and dad and anyone else i know in the crowd, as i walk, step-pause step-pause step-pause, to the altar where the bride and groom will be. i'll stand beside melissa and do what maids of honor do -- hold her bouquet when she can't, fix her train before she walks, hand her a kleenex if she starts to cry.

i'm a pro at this, i told the wedding coordinator tonight.

"you've done this before?" she asked.

"oh yeah," i said, "tons of times. just last july, i was maid of honor in her wedding, that girl over there, the blonde."

yeah, i've done this before, i thought. plenty of times. and i haven't managed to trip down that aisle, yet.

mine is the 100th micropop over at flipflopflyin. quick! go see!

desperately seeking new computer.

the new oasis CD, in my mailbox, thanks to some nice bloke.

"catch me if i fall." -- R.E.M.

lipgloss, icecream, jelly bellies: i am a big fan of bubblegum anything, really.

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